Niall’s Festive Five 2010: Part Three

No.3: Take That – The Flood



Now, despite the album selling about two million copies in six weeks, The Flood has an unmistakeable whiff of failure about it – principally due to its failure to reach number one, something that hasn’t happened to a first Take That single since Do What You Like (unless you count Rule The World which wasn’t from an album – I don’t.)

Of course this is a gross miscarriage of (pop)justice, for The Flood does all the things that a brilliant TT single should do – it starts off quiet, begins its ascent, soars magnificently, climbs a little more, and then glides majestically for a bit like a five-headed golden bird of prey. Then it goes all anthemic at the end with some gorgeous harmonies and a lovely piano-y bit and we all get a little bit moist and emotional, especially because Robbie’s back and we never thought we’d live to see the day.

Now, a lot of people are muttering that it would have been better if Robbie had stayed away, and that TT don’t need him anymore. The latter is true – they don’t, which is why it was the perfect time for him to come back. In fact, arguably, they’re doing him the favour. The only price we have to pay is some wilfully obtuse lyrics which sound a bit out of place in a Take That song – but only a bit. Even if it all goes horribly wrong and he goes off in a strop again, it doesn’t matter, because a) we’ve had closure now and b) no-one will care second time around.

Where was I? Oh yes, The Flood. Utterly fab. That is an empirical fact, don’t anyone dare disagree with me.


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