Niall’s Festive Five 2010: Part Four

No.2 : Robyn – Hang With Me


I bloody love Robyn. Like all the best pop stars she’s a little bit scary and looks like she grew up in a petrified forest. She is a prime example of what I like to call Moominpop.

Hang With Me is just divine, and because I instantly fell in love with it on first listen it only made no.54. This always happens to me with records I champion, and it’s a large part of the reason why Kim Wilde isn’t speaking to me – I’ve cursed more of her singles to the fringes of the top 40 than she or I care to remember.

Anyway, I digress. Hang With Me pulsates in a gorgeous, analogue-y-Giorgio-Moroder-circa-SunsetPeople-type-way, while Robyn warns an over-eager suitor not to get too serious. And, in my second favourite pop moment of the year, Robyn chooses to echo herself whilst singing the chorus. My rule of thumb with pop is, if there’s room to echo yourself then DO IT. Hardly anyone does anymore. People will do it when they sing along anyway – see Mike Oldfield’s Moonlight Shadow for reference.

Scary Robyn: I salute you, and I promise that when I have time I will listen to all three of the albums that you released in 2010 *runs away quickly*.


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