Niall’s Festive Five 2010: Part Two

No.4: Goldfrapp – Rocket

You can always rely on the ‘frapp for a good first single, and Rocket was no exception – a synthy blast of bitter pop that somehow manages the impressive feat of simultaneously channeling Van Halen at the height of their eighties pomp (by which I mean Jump) and the Pointer Sisters at the height of theirs (by which I mean, er…Jump). And yet still it remains very, very Goldfrapp.

Another thing I particularly liked about Rocket was its “conceptual” “sleeve”, which recalled the kind of records made by expensively launched sophisticated pop groups in the eighties – records which invariably flopped and could shortly thereafter be found lurking in Oxfam between Mandy Smith 12 inches and anything by Spandau Ballet after Gold. Alison is pictured on a futuristic highway in a very costly looking pink jumpsuit shooting a laser beam from her right hand. I wouldn’t be at all surprised if Ms Goldfrapp actually can fire lasers at will, and for all we know this is simply a lovely moment caught on film.

Nevertheless, the record buying public didn’t take to this one – desite my bold claims that this had “number five written all over it”, Rocket limped into the hit parade at no.47 and shot back out again in a manner not unlike the rocket of the title. I fear Goldfrapp’s time may have passed, despite it never really arriving in the first place. My suggestion? Bang out a Greatest Hits album pronto.


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